Novella Dark Story

Enjoy a luxurious coffee experience with Novella dark roast coffee blend. Roasted in Estonia from the best South American Arabica coffee beans.

Novella Dark Story is perfect for enjoying as black coffee if you prefer a strong and characterful coffee or an Italian-style espresso during your afternoon coffee break. It's an indispensable companion if you love to drink your coffee with alternative milk whose taste can sometimes overshadow the taste of the coffee itself. With this roasting profile, our goal was to find a balance between bitter and robust maturity while still maintaining its enjoyability. It has a low acidity level and provides a dark-chocolaty, invigorating sip. It has a strong aroma of classic coffee, with notes of ripe berries. The aftertaste is bitter and chocolaty.

Ideal for use in an automatic coffee machine.
100% Arabica

Net volume of the package 1kg
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